Movera Careers

Movera Careers

Movera provides a range of opportunities across all our businesses from conveyancing and legal services roles across O’Neill Patient and Cavendish Legal Group to broker management at Conveyancing Alliance, plus roles within our central functions of technology, people, finance, marketing, and client relations.

Our Case Managers

We employ over 570 people with office locations across the UK, with core hubs in Stockport, London, Leeds, and Stoke. Our case managers form the backbone of our business and are all experts in delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Why ONP?

Our people are our greatest assets, and we ensure that they are provided with the best possible place to come to work every single day. A friendly office culture to harbour our one team approach, hybrid, flexible & modern working arrangements to maximise productivity, and a lot more benefits are all part of our offerings to our colleagues.

Our teams

Within Movera, we have a range of different teams that are all growing, from our award-winning conveyancing and remortgage teams to our customer service teams, along with private client, and not forgetting our crucial central functions. Together, all our teams work to make our business a great success.

Our Technology

At Movera, technology sits at the forefront of everything we do. We take pride in calling ourselves a technology-enabled business that is driven by our tech team that works diligently to bring innovative solutions within the legal industry and our business.

Training academy

Our training academy is the perfect place to start your conveyancing career. Whether you are an experienced conveyancer looking to excel further in your career or a novice in this industry, we have courses and training solutions suited to one and all.

Our vacancies

Find your perfect job with Movera. For more information on how to contact our talent team, or to view our current vacancies, please click below.

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