Wills and probate

Wills and probate

Whether you need help making a will, planning for the possibility of future incapacity, dealing with the estate of someone who has passed away or supporting a vulnerable relative, we have the expertise, experience and sympathetic approach you need.

Our Private Client Department offers professional and practical advice and we aim to provide a friendly, approachable service. We are here to help, not confuse.

Wills and probate team

Our wills and probate team has over thirty years of experience in dealing with all aspects of this area of law. Edith Longden is a solicitor with over 30 years’ experience and heads up a team of solicitors, case managers, and administration support workers. We can help with:

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring our knowledge stays up to date, in order to give you the best service possible. We always make sure that junior solicitors and members of staff are supported and supervised appropriately so that the quality of advice is not affected, regardless of who is working on your case.

We offer a free, no obligation, initial half hour appointment to discuss your needs and will always consider the best way of progressing matters on your behalf.

If there are any matters you would like to discuss with us, please contact our Stockport office and speak to Edith (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners member) on 0344 576 2121.

Alternatively, you can fill out our wills questionnaire and email this
to wills_and_probate@onpgroup.co.uk who will then contact you to discuss the next steps involved in making your will.

For more information have a look at our FAQs.

Our wills and probate pricing

We want our pricing to be as clear and competitive as possible, so will be happy to talk through our pricing at your free initial half hour appointment.

Many of the matters dealt with by our wills and probate team can be completed on a fixed fee basis. For more complex matters, we will typically agree an hourly rate based on the level of expertise needed.

You can find out more about our price information HERE.

Why choose ONP?

With a qualified member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) on the team, you can be confident that you are getting the very highest level of legal expertise for dealing with wills, probate and general inheritance, and lifetime planning matters.

When you come to us for help, we won’t confuse you with legal speak – instead we’ll always talk to you in straightforward terms so you can be confident that you understand exactly what we are suggesting, and our team take a highly personal, sympathetic approach, responding to your needs and concerns.

Planning your affairs properly so your intentions are clear can make life much easier on your loved ones. Our team can ensure every detail and any potential objections to your will are considered and accounted for, helping to avoid any conflict over your estate after you are gone.

Our fees are highly competitive and most straightforward wills can be completed for a fixed fee, so you will know exactly what the cost will be before you decide to go ahead.

Contact us

For more information about wills and probate, or to arrange your free initial consultation, call us today on 0344 576 2121.

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