Training Academy

Training Academy

In 2020 we launched our training academy, and we’ve had over 200 people complete courses so far. Our courses are available to new and existing colleagues on a variety of subjects.

Within our library of career path courses, our new start programme is specifically designed to bring people into the conveyancing industry who have no experience or law training at all, over a period of just 8 weeks.

We understand that the traditional methods of starting a career in law can be difficult and expensive, so we want to make a conveyancing career available to everyone, despite where you may have worked before.

The academy consists of intensive training in a hybrid classroom and digital environment, including subject matter experts from around the business hosting presentations, spending time with our customer service teams, and some independent learning, all hosted at our state-of-the-art offices in Stockport. If you’re not local to Stockport then we will support you by providing travel and accommodation whilst going through the training academy.

Once you’re underway, we have a further two pathways, our expertise skills pathway, and our knowledge base pathway. These two different pathways offer courses to build your conveyancing knowledge, as well as to progress to other areas of the business.

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, and we want to ensure that our colleagues all continue with their personal, and continual professional development throughout their journey with us, regardless of their roles.

The course has been really informative and well-paced. There has been lots of feedback and live examples and all the trainers have been happy to go other the same thing multiple times without showing any frustration. – Thomas Bennett, Trainee Case Manager

The support provided has been one of the best parts of the training. There hasn’t been a point where I feel I could not ask a question or for some help. The whole training team are approachable and take whatever time necessary to explain things in detail– Romaan Aziz, Trainee Case Manager

It was a whirlwind of emotions at a very turbulent time of my life and I loved every minute of it. The atmosphere and work-environment is such a breath of fresh air. At 26, this is the first time in my working life I’ve looked forward to coming into work. Just because you guys and my training colleagues have all been wonderful. – Harry Thompson, Trainee Case Manager

We want to make sure that our teams are kept up to date with the latest industry knowledge, including changes in the law, building regulation updates, compliance regulations and best practice in the ever-evolving conveyancing market.

All we need from you is your willingness to learn, and your passion to help our clients through one of life’s biggest milestones.

How to apply

To see a list of our current vacancies then click here, or to speak to our talent team about finding an opportunity that’s right for you then please fill in the form below, or email us at

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