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What you might not know about a career in conveyancing

Choosing a new career can be a challenge. It is a big step to enter a new industry or even start the career that you have been training for, such as the conveyancing profession. With more and more people looking to get on the property ladder, the role of the conveyancer is as popular as it’s ever been, so it’s no wonder so many people are trying to become one!

What is conveyancing?

To briefly summarise, the process of conveyancing is when the legal transfer of property happens between both the buyer and seller. The process of conveyancing incudes all the legal and administrative work that is required to make sure that a house purchase is valid under law. You can find out more about the whole process here (link other blog).

What is the role of the conveyancer?

When a client is looking to sell a property, they will need to appoint a conveyancer on this process. The conveyancer ensures that this remains stress-free for the client during this detailed process, and that the transfer of property runs smoothly.

They will have the following roles in the selling of the property:

  • Act as the representative for the client during the selling of the property
  • Carry out research against the property
  • They will work with the client throughout the entire process
  • Help with paying costs (e.g., stamp duty and fees, liaising with the bank to transfer funds, transactions with the local council, and other disbursements)

Why a career in conveyancing could be for you

Do you enjoy helping people? Are you currently working in customer service and want to take this further? Do you consider yourself both analytical, and methodical? Then a career in conveyancing could be for you! Conveyancing is a rewarding and fulfilling career path for anyone looking to progress and push themselves in their career. Some of the great reasons to join this industry include:

  • The feeling of helping someone move into their dream property.
  • Working a long-term career with many opportunities for progression.
  • Working with a wide array of clients every day, meaning each week brings new and interesting challenges.

How to become a conveyancer

You may think that you need a variety of qualifications to become a conveyancer, but this is not the case! With ONP Group’s you can train to be a conveyancer with no previous experience. Our programme is specifically designed to bring people into the conveyancing industry who have no experience or law training at all, over a period of just 8 weeks.

In the past, starting a career as a conveyancer would be expensive and complicated, but with our Training Academy we have ensured that this career path is available to everyone, no matter what experience you have.

Interested in becoming a conveyancer? View a list of our current vacancies here or email us at careers@onpgroup.co.uk

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