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Where could your conveyancing career take you?

Every day, more and more people are looking to buy and sell property, but they cannot do this unless they have the support of a conveyancer. The career of a conveyancer is one that is rewarding for those who are a people person, who love helping other achieve their dreams, and those wanting a career with many opportunities for progression.

What exactly is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of legally transferring property from one owner to another. A conveyancer will conduct the legal process to ensure that it is run correctly and smoothly. Many wish to enter the industry, but are unsure how to do so, or where this career could take them. Interested? Let us tell you about a career in conveyancing!

Becoming a conveyancer

Many believe that the only way to become a licensed conveyancer is to go through the expenses of a university course or through a CLC Level 4 or 6 qualification, but this is not the case. At the ONP Group, we have created our very own Training Academy where anyone can learn the conveyancing profession, over an initial period of 8 weeks.

Our Training Academy makes a conveyancing career available to everyone, no matter what your professional background may be. All you need is to be driven and a willingness to learn!

The benefits of becoming a conveyancer

Joining the ONP Group’s Training Academy is only the start of your conveyancing career. In the conveyancing industry, the sky is the limit. With clear progression paths, careers in conveyancing offer the chance for rapid career development. In the role, you will have flexible work patterns which will enable you to have a good work-life balance and enjoy what you do. You will work in a stable career with a real chance of progression.

One thing that many do not know about conveyancing is the career paths that are open to you. As well as being a conveyancer, you can take up additional training to become a legal advisor, solicitor, or accountant. That is the great thing about the industry, the possibilities are endless. For example, those who join the ONP Training Academy will initially be trained on simple conveyancing transactions such as freehold houses, but over time they will be trained to handle more complex cases, such as leaseholds, flats, transfer of equity, and shared ownership. The more you train, the bigger the possibilities, and rewards!

Conveyancing is a stimulating and rewarding career path, and if you enjoy helping others and love a role where no day is the same, then conveyancing may just be the career for you.

To see a list of our current vacancies then click here, or to speak to our talent team about finding an opportunity that’s right for you then please email us at careers@onpgroup.co.uk.

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